AngleZ Behavioral Health Services 

Children and Adult Behavioral Health Services

Community Case Management - Linking and monitoring community resources that include housing, health care, financial, social connectedness, and financial stability.

Daily Living Supports - In-home support staff will be available according to the needs of the patient to provide services that focus on increasing the patients level of functioning with day to day needs.

Outpatient Therapy - Focusing on stabilizing safety, integration, and coping skills.

Children's Case Management Services - Individualized services to families, with a child being the point of reference to enhance family stability, stabilize school involvement, and link to community resources to enhance the child's level of functioning

Home and Community Based Therapy - In-home therapy for children who may be at risk for out of home placement, or have behaviors that place the child/family at jeopardy.

Outpatient TherapyFocusing on stabilizing safety, integration, and coping skills 

Adult Services

Children's Services

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