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Mission Statement AngleZ Behavioral Health Services mission is to provide quality mental health and co-occurring services to children, adults, and families with special needs or behavioral, psychological or intellectual impairments. Further, we will actively promote the hope for recovery, and the belief that together in this moment of our life we can heal, grow, recover, and have the resiliency to achieve the highest goal possible as members of a productive society. Vision Statement AngleZ Behavioral Health Services vision is to work as a team of professionals to enhance the quality of life for the families and individuals supported by the agency. AngleZ recognizes that it is not always by choice but sometimes by fate that situations arise that are beyond the ability of one individual alone to manage. The team at AngleZ wants to be your support and the guidance through these times, to re-secure your ability to feel solid and secure in the community AngleZ administrative team is pleased to introduce the availability of the following services throughout Kennebec, Franklin, Androscoggin, Hancock, Knox, Somerset, and Lincoln Counties.

AngleZ BHS is a contracted mental health agency with the Department of Health and Human Services

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